Most People Avoid Empaths For These Three Reasons

Source:UPT Personality Types


A New Understanding

It does seem like these toxic things are coming out of the closet now. I have been attacked by a few ‘randoms” in the past week.

They know everything. They are the experts who have all the answers. I have observed these beings for extended periods of time. Things do eventually catch up with them but it is still no fun suffering through their nonsense. I could not get my head around the behaviour I had to deal with yesterday. Wow were they arrogant know-it-alls. I did my best to ignore them and they did eventually shut up. Nonetheless am unusually fed up with their kind right now.

When a family member would be driving sometimes they would get exasperated. As the umpteenth car would try to take on their tiny vehicle,

they would occasionally be heard to mutter quietly to themseves,

Get back in your hole you maggots

Let”s just say I now understand this sentiment.

The Inspirational Way One Man Dealt With His Grief

How one ex Disney animator dealt with his grief at losing his wife

This beautiful animation really inspired me this morning. This man used his grief to create something beautiful. I was also reminded that the Taj Mahal was a product of grief. Perhaps those of us still dealing with the loss of a non-existant relationship with a narcissistic abuser, may one day also be able to produce a masterpiece.



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Well my newfound superpowers failed me a few days ago. I failed to spot a Cluster B. She had not made a favourable initial impression on me and yet I had allowed her to grill me. I think it was the context which had me fooled. I was unprepared for another toxic encounter. I am upset with myself. Why on earth did I open up?

Now I will just observe her. I only truly recognised she was toxic, as she was leaving. I felt that familiar lurch in my stomach at that moment and knew I had been fooled. I prayed immediately. I know God knows how to handle my mistakes and create something good.

Max Lucado

In God’s hands, intended evil becomes good.

Another Opportunity To Observe And Learn

One of the new toxic people in my life is trying to gain supply off me.I am going to use this as an opportunity to fine tune my grey rock skills. I have been praying whenever I anticipate an encounter with this being. I am playing dumb and observing them. It is interesting once you understand what is happening. Thank goodness I knew enough to be very guarded around this character. I sensed something, although I had initially wondered whether they were an empath gone awry. I have been an empath, who got off track, so I was inclined to be forgiving.

This was clearly a mistake on my part. I have had to pull right back.

I do miss my naive old self in many ways but I am grateful that I have been awoken from my slumber and shown the truth.

George Santayana

Eternal vigilance is the price of knowledge.