Another Opportunity To Observe And Learn

One of the new toxic people in my life is trying to gain supply off me.I am going to use this as an opportunity to fine tune my grey rock skills. I have been praying whenever I anticipate an encounter with this being. I am playing dumb and observing them. It is interesting once you understand what is happening. Thank goodness I knew enough to be very guarded around this character. I sensed something, although I had iitially wondered whether they were an empath gone awry. I have been an empath, who got off track, so I was inclined to be forgiving.

This was clearly a mistake on my part. I have had to pull right back.

I do miss my naive old self in many ways but I am grateful that I have been awoken from my slumber and shown the truth.

George Santayana

Eternal vigilance is the price of knowledge.


Personality Swap

How the narcissist gets us to swap personalities

One of the most chilling examples of this is Hedra in the film Single White Female.

From watching videos and studying the subject, I believe these characters often enter our lives, when we are in a weakened state. In this clip of Single White Female, Hedra ( the toxic flatmate) shows up, just as Alison is crying over a broken relationship. I watched this film when it first came out but have only begun to really understand it now, after my recent experienes. Hedra over time transforms herself into Alison, even eventually adopting Alison’s haircut and red hair.

Sources:From Surviving To Thriving From Surviving To Thriving

Movie Clips

A Little Female Perspective

I showed both my children Lisa Wilkinson’s speech after the murder of Eurydice Dixon.

Lisa Wilkinson-Keeping Women Safe

My father was always very concerned about me, as I had thought nothing of wandering around on my own, all over the world. Nonetheless it would seem some men have no idea, about the things women have to consider, as we go about our daily lives. I thought this song was very clever.

Scary Time For Boys