The Narcissist’Cheer Squad

Nothing equals my disdain for the narcissist”s cheer squad. Yes I know I have admitted that I am pretty sure I have been used as a flying monkey in the past. I was young and innocent. I am older and (I hope) a little wiser now. It is my belief another predatory creature may be seeking to use me as a source of supply. I was amazed. They literally tried to lure me with chocolate. Richard Grannan has a great video called

Are You Taking The Chocolate?

This being has clearly been busy recruiting flying monkeys. I do tend to present flying monkeys with the truth.I know this is not recommended. I really do not care whether they believe me or not. I just watch. Eventually the toxic being turns on them too. They then try to approach me and are invariably shocked when I do not want to know.

This has happened over and over again. I feel many flying monkeys are the ultimate cowards. They feel they can attack and then blame everything on the narcissist. I make a point of looking them (the flying monkey)in the eye and somehow I seem to put across that I can see them. They generally do not like this at all. If I have something to say, I generally say it. I feel no need to use others as an excuse. I see flying monkeys as weak beings seeking to inflict pain but able to hide behind others as an excuse. Mostly I have found flying monkeys are total cowards. They are completely pathetic.

I have always held the flying monkeys in much more disdain than the actual toxic individual.