The Royal Command

One aspect of dealing with a narcissistic family dynamic which I found particularly pathetic was the royal command. Without fail family members were required to attend various events. I could never understand why a grown adult seemed unable to cut the apron strings and would respond to his family of origin, with what had appeared to be almost total obedience-worse still he expected all of us to fall in behind him. Before I even knew what “No Contact” was I went “No Contact”, with half the in-laws in 2008. I had noticed how things had immediately improved, although I had no idea why. It took me almost another decade to cut contact with the rest of them. Of course they have tried to flout this in every way they can. I noticed that whenever they gave us anything, it was never really ours. Apparently it was always just a loan. Then suddenly one day they would demand it back in order to give it to somebody else. I think narcissists are the same with people. In their mind you always belong to them, whether you realise it or not. You have just been set aside so they can play with something/somebody else for a while. They expect to be able to come back and play with you and to find you where they left you, whenever it suits them.

Mark Lawrence(AZ Quotes)

In the end it seems we’re just toys. Easy to break and hard to mend.