Putting Victims in a Position of Strength

Why are we not assessing the advice we give to people caught in toxic/domestic violence situations?

Time and time again, victims are murdered, when they are attempting to leave. In my view, we need to do a lot more than provide shelters although I believe they also have their place.

Off the top of my head when a person is leaving a situation they believe to be potentially dangerous, relevant authorities should be ready to offer immediate protection to those under threat.

I would like to see more perpetrators removed rather than victims forced to flee. I nearly fled on several occasions but in the end the system supported us and helped us to stay put. I think this can help mentally put victims in a position of strength. It also sends a strong message to offenders. If necessary, cameras should be installed and monitored. Perhaps an individual family under threat could be assigned an officer to advise and support them. Each officer could perhaps be dealing with a number of families.  They could also liaise with schools. Any concerns could be immediately reported to the family’s allocated officer and if necessary pro-active measures taken. I have several ideas about this. For example putting perpetrators under house arrest or the use of bracelets.until the situation is managed. Why should victims always feel like we should be the ones who have to hide away?

All this sounds expensive but in comparison to dealing with the expense of the way we currently handle these situations, I think this could ultimately prove cost-effective.

I know for us, being able to stay put was of huge benefit. In many ways I began once again to feel empowered and to be able to begin to reclaim my life.