Thank You Princess Diana

Here’s hoping that Princess Diana’s sons’ fairytale can end with
“and they all lived happily ever after.”

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The death of Princess Diana was one of those moments in time, where most people recall exactly what they were doing, when they heard the news. For me I was gazing happily at my newborn son, in his baby rocker, when a family member burst in with the news, first of her accident and then of her subsequent death. We were all in shock.

For me she had represented all that was good with the world. She had seemed to bring healing and joy wherever she went. The world had suddenly darkened when we had heard the  tragic news. Somehow it had felt like we had all lost our innocence. The beautiful fairytale had now ended with sadness and death. Even my normally sensible father was writing emotionally about the shock and sadness now being experienced in the UK.

I was slightly angered this week to read a sudden rash…

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