The Occasional Bad Mood Is Ok

Being positive is often a good thing but I think we all need, what I call our Mutley moments.

cursing GIF


Sometimes I have days when I feel like this but I don’t fight it.

I have just had a week like it but I think I deserved the right to indulge myself a bit, after surviving  several prolonged periods of  fairly intense challenges. There is, I feel, too much pressure to be positive sometimes. There are times for me when only

cursing GIF

will do.

I have actually done impersonations of Mutley over the years but of course nobody knew what I was doing and everybody had  looked on a little concerned. Life is not all sunshine and rainbows. If it were, it would probably seem false-A little too Stepford Wives. Weren’t they robots?

Suddenly today after a good night’s sleep and the lack of pressure on myself to keep positive, I feel much happier and ready to start the new week a little more like this:-

happy disney GIF

Source: Giphy.Com 

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