A Life Reboot

My background is actually science.  I also love logic. I usually take a lot of convincing about things. I have theories and I often test them to see which ones hold out. I love the fact that genealogy can show us, how theories play out sometimes over a period of hundreds of years. The fact that I generally have a fairly scientific approach to life, rarely if ever, conflicts with my religious beliefs. In fact  the more I learn about the world and this universe we live in, the more I can see the hand of a loving God over it all.

Where I find a fair amount of material on a particular person, I love to put together mini biographies. In fact I look at my own life in a similar way. I often ask myself,

How did I get here?

I ponder system restore on my computer. I have a couple of main approaches to computer issues.

  • Reboot
  • System Restore

For those not familiar with system restore, this is a wonderful tool that you can use, to take your computer back to the last time, it was working properly. I often contemplate what a wonderful life tool this would be. Imagine the opportunity to take life back to the last time it was working.

I look at the various individuals I study in genealogy and try to ascertain where their lives seem to have gone off track. Sometimes they appear to have been victims of a massive social upheaval, such as The Industrial Revolution. At other times, they appear  to have simply made one  poor choice, or as in the case of Sliding Doors – one simple act of chance appears to have had a massive impact. Statistics were another favourite study of mine. I am not a big believer in co-incidences. As a friend of mine once described them, I believe they are often ‘God incidences.’ even if I have no idea why they have occurred.

I remember once on my travels, suddenly hearing my name called at Prague Airport. I was amazed. It was sheer chance I had found myself with no currency and stranded between flights in Prague airport for a few hours. It had  turned out I had encountered the owner of the voice calling my name, several months previously, in another country. I will never forget the preciousness of his gift of a sandwich and a cup of coffee, just when I needed it. After that I have developed the habit, whenever I am able, of doing the same thing for people on the streets, as was done for me. I cannot solve homelessness but when I can, I have surprised people with a warm drink and a sandwich.

I can’t pretend I understand any of this but I do know we have a loving God, who knows everything and that in the end we are all in his hands.

This is one post which was intended to go way, but ended up going another.  Sorry if I rambled.

Joshua 1;9

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

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