A Cautionary Tale

Today I return to the person, whom I believe was toxic in one family tree I studied.

I know nothing of her ancestry, which may be an interesting story in itself. Her life is a cautionary tale, on why it does not pay, in the long run, to be toxic. The first concrete evidence of her life, is her first marriage. It looks to have been uneventful, until she ran off with somebody who appears to have been a similarly conscienceless character. She had  left behind  a presumably broken-hearted guy and a more conventional lifestyle, for the wild life on the goldfields. Before long she had ended up caught up in the double murder of two miners. She had also by this time had three children, two of whom appear to have died under mysterious circumstances. Additionally She seems to have then become linked to yet another poor character. Jealousy on the part of the guy with whom she had originally run away, appears to have led him to implicate her and her “new man” in these gruesome killings (the beating to death of two gold miners.) However her testimony appears to be straight out of the narcissist playbook.

“Who me? I didn’t do anything. I am just a poor misunderstood victim.”

Next thing we hear, whilst neither she nor her original lover were ever tried for the actual murder, both were eventually convicted of perjury and jailed. Later she was  left permanently disfigured, by her original lover, upon her release from jail. This did seem to have spelled an end to her more wild days. This femme fatale had then settled down with yet another man and raised a family in a rough mining town, where she had lived the harsh life, of the wife of a penniless gold miner.

What of her original abandoned husband? Well here’s the thing. He appears to have done rather well for himself and had ended up owning several properties. I think this whole sorry story, speaks volumes about the destructiveness of living a toxic life.femme fatale