Musings on Narcissism

I often ponder the dynamics of narcissism. I contemplate many things on the matter. One of my first queries on the subject:

Are narcissists born or made?

My views fly in the face of just about everybody else’s. I tend to think, narcissists are just born that way. I don’t think childhood trauma helps. I do think a healthy, loving upbringing can  help channel things in a more positive direction. I find James Fallon interesting on that subject.

(If you want to learn more about James Fallon, you can click here)

Source: Genetic Psychopathy

In addition I believe there are intergenerational factors at play in all of this. I have also concluded that it is likely everybody will be attacked by at least one toxic person in their lifetime and that the reason many of these characters are so persistent, is perhaps because we are their assignment. I often think of the Terminator movie and how Arnold Schwarzenegger was sent back in time to take out John Connor. Perhaps we all have to eventually meet, our personal equivalent of “Arnie on a bad day’.

I am referring to The Terminator character and  not  Arnold  Schwarzenegger.

arnold schwarzenegger terminator GIF


Perhaps(as in the film) in the end the very thing meant to destroy us, can become our salvation.

One toxic person can cause consequences which may be felt down the generations.  Healing is so important both for ourselves and for generations to come.
Isabel Allende

Everybody has losses. Sharing our pain is very healing.



Please feel free to discount my theories. They are just that, theories.