Look Into My Eyes

The narcissist in my life, has an uncanny ability to zombify those around him. I have seen it time and time again. You know those cartoons where the victim receives a phone call and suddenly their eyes start revolving and they instantly appear to wander around in a trance.

My current theory is they train people to respond to key words and the key word only has to be uttered and suddenly the target is “hypnotised”. In my case the word “cousin” comes to mind. Whenever the word “cousin” was uttered, everybody was supposed to drop everything and attend.

Must go. Must do as told…

Look into my eyes!

From Giphy.com 


Suddenly nothing else mattered. I actually think this was part of the programming of my ex, by his family of origin. In a way, I accidentally countered this, by revealing that everybody, was in fact our cousin. (through genealogy) This particular word had then began to lose some of its power.

The toxic person repeats the “hypnotic” word at every conceivable opportunity. The toxic being in my life would often fall back on these words. This act was meant to strip away all defences. However being the contrary person that I am, once I heard one of his key words or phrases, I would attempt to work out what he was trying to achieve and  find ways to go the other way. He had realised eventually, that if he had wanted my co-operation, his “hypnotic”  words and phrases were probably best avoided.

Purple Woman