Another Stage in My Healing

I have been busy watching Crazy Narcissist Ex Girlfriend’s videos for a while now. It is interesting the stages you go through. I wasn’t ready for him at first. He was too abrasive for me in the early days. At this particular stage of my healing, I am ready to listen to him. Like me, he has a problem with the whole co-dependent label and like me, he mentions he fought back. I enjoyed watching his videos today, so I thought I would share this one.


Caution he uses some strong language.

It is funny how I could not tolerate this guy’s(Crazy Narcissist Ex Girlfriend’s) videos early on and I now realise, I am probably exactly like him.

He mentions James Fallon, whom I have also found very interesting. To me James Fallon shows that a solid nurtuting upbringing can make all the difference.