Thank You For Following My Journey (but please don’t assume I know the way.)

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Thank You For Following My Journey But Please Don’t Assume I Know The Way

Ignorance and prejudice. Dealing with these two issues is indeed a lifetime’s work-in fact the work of many lifetimes. I have a few prejudices of my own. I confess for example that I can be a bit of an intellectual snob. I really have very little time for narrow-minded and/or ignorant people. I also have real problems with know-it -alls even though I realise that not all such people are narcissistic. Some of them are just genuinely insecure.

The ability to look at myself and laugh has always seemed instinctive to me. I have never understood how anybody could ever assume they really knew everything or belonged to the only culture who had it right etc. Actually that one really annoys me. How would the world be, if we assumed that everybody was here for a reason and that they all had something to teach us?

There is no country I have visited which has taught me nothing, No people who have not offered an opportunity to learn.(even toxic ones) As one wise person once said to me,

Ok Lord what is it that I am not getting?(What is it I need to understand?)

Having my own set of beliefs, does not mean I always believe I am right. I mean how could I possibly be? To think that way makes absolutely no sense to me. Please never read my blog and assume I have all the answers (In case you haven’t realised I don’t and am probably wrong a large percentage of the time.) Reading my blog I hope you can find the bits which are meaningful and/or helpful to you. Please feel free to ignore the rest.

We don’t know all the answers. If we knew all the answers we’d be bored, wouldn’t we? We keep looking, searching, trying to get more knowledge.

Jack LaLanne