Wiggling The Way To Freedom

In the early days immediately after the breakdown of my relationship, I had watched a lot of Joyce Meyer. I particularly remember a sermon she gave, which had really helped as I had struggled through those early challenges. I find myself thinking of that sermon  frequently again at the moment, as I am faced with an almost overwhelming amount of things to get through.

I thought it might be helpful to share this particular sermon. It is about the invalid who hangs around by a healing pool for thirty eight years. Most valuable to me was the phrase Joyce Meyer mutters somewhere in the middle. In her typical no-nonsense  style. she points out that if she were in the position of the invalid, she would have been wiggling her way to that pool, even if she could not walk.

In a way in my blog, you are witnessing my attempt to wiggle my way to freedom. Perhaps in some way I hope  it may help others to wiggle towards their new life also.

John 1-5

When You Need A Miracle Wiggle-Joyce Meyer (Unfortunately I can no longer locate the entire sermon on You Tube

Cats Do Not Abide By The Laws of Nature

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