Too Close For Comfort

I was trying to remember exactly what was said to my daughter. I seem to remember it was something about a particular coat, which she was told,

“Made her look fat.”

Fortunately both my ex and I, when this comment was reported to us, had taken the matter extremely seriously. ( I know a family friend of his, has lost a daughter due to a purging type disorder, so in this instance he may have been even  more attuned than me.) We had  dealt with many bullying issues  which  had occured at this particular school, before we had eventually moved the children to a different one. Fast forward ten years, a friend  of one of the children who had at one stage also  once attended this school, died( we strongly believe), from an eating disorder. It was not the school’s fault but I do believe the school could have done much more, to counter some of the attitudes, which probably prevail there, even to this day.

I seem to remember, I may also have been pretty close to developing an eating disorder myself as a teenager. I became particularly adept at secretly feeding my meals to our dog and praying the dog would finish licking its lips before mum came in.

Spaghetti Eating Competition
Dogs Eating Spaghetti from Gif

Dog Eating Spaghetti Competition


: The Bragdbirger

I also remember weighing myself obsessively. I  found reading the post by Beauty Beyond Bones really enlightening and was a little horrified, when I had realised  just how close to a full-blown eating disorder my teenage self, had sailed.

I should add here, our dog had lived to a ripe old age, even if he had at various stages perhaps appeared a little round. (It wasn’t all me.)

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