I Have Been There Too

I very nearly finished with my ex narc some thirteen years before the end had finally come. It is so interesting to look at what I wrote at the time as I  had tried to process everything. It is very similar to things I have read on the blogs of others who have experienced or  who are still experiencing narcissistic abuse. I am actually a bit surprised looking at it now and viewing it with the benefit of hindsight, how spot on I was.

I am just there… I feel cheated. Our relationship is not real. He has stretched the truth all along and I have fallen for it. No depth to our relationship.

I had then decided to work my way through Dr Phil’s Relationship Rescue. It was a turning point for me. It had forced me to observe him. I had learned a few things which had really helped me to feel more empowered. I went to great lengths to try to honour the things which had seemed important to him. However I confess my motives were not entirely selfless. I had to know, I had really given it my all, before walking away. The things I had learned through my observations, have actually proven useful  over the years, even though our relationship was ultimately doomed.

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