Komodo Dragons

Singapore Zoo

Source: Wildlife Reserves Singapore


May 1992

Singapore Zoo is one of the best zoos I have ever visited. The most exciting thing for me, was finally getting to see Komodo dragons.

I had met a guy in Perth, Australia who had told us about his visit to Komodo Island. He had graphically described how he had bought a goat, which was then incapacitated and left for the Komodo dragons to devour.

He and his fellow tourists had fled to the safety of a cage in order to observe the Komodo Dragons enjoying their feast.

Komodo Island

Source:Amazing Places on Our Planet

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYWJ32GJbOgtzU2uHh0OMCQThings seem to operate a little differently now on Komodo Island. (from video)

Komodo Megafauna

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This was not my idea of fun – so it was great to see the Komodo Dragon in Singapore Zoo, where there was no running (nor gruesome goat killing) involved whatsoever.

From my leaflet at Singapore Zoo,

Their main diet is carrion, although they can sometimes cannibalise their own kind. They have a deservedly fearsome reputation, for they have been known to kill human beings. As it is almost extinct, the dragon is protected on its native Komodo Island in Indonesia.

Komodo Dragon

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Komodo Island

Imagine Dragons- Believer

Source: Imagine Dragons https://youtu.be/7wtfhZwyrcc

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