March 1992

Perth, Western Australia

Our hostel in Perth was fantastic. It was run by a lovely, kindly lady, who had even turned a blind eye to the couple of young men, who had parked themselves and their van in the hostel car park and were using the hostel’s resources.

She had travelled herself and was very supportive of all of us. I think her attitude, had helped foster the wonderful atmosphere in the hostel.

We (the backpackers) had all got along really well and had travelled around together doing many enjoyable activities. I think it was the most fun, I have had in any hostel ever. It is probably the reason why I have a soft spot for Perth. However having been there since, in the heat of Summer, I realise now Perth can be pretty tough in the hot weather. (March is Autumn fortunately.)

I will always remember this terrific Irish guy who was staying there. He was a real character and had decided he was heading off to Kalgoorlie,(an Outback gold-mining town) with a couple of people, whom he had found through an advertisement in the paper. We had all been very concerned. Journeys into The Outback need to be taken seriously. (Especially if you intend to go off the beaten track, which I generally would not recommend, unless you are with somebody experienced.)

Bad things can happen when you head off to remote areas of Australia, with people you saw advertised in the paper, Still I apparently met a would-be murderer standing at a bus stop in the UK.

When the car had come to pick him up, red flags were waving in just about everybody’s mind. The car (I use the word loosely) definitely did not look remotely roadworthy and his companions had not looked particularly trustworthy.

Super Drift Car
From Gif

Super Drift Car

A day later the Irish guy had much to our relief turned up back at the hostel. He had recounted his epic misadventure with relish.

The engine of the old wreck had started to overheat when they had barely left Perth. He had also been less than impressed that his companion’s supplies, had seemed to consist solely of alcohol. By the time they had reached Karlgoorlie, he had had enough.

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He had headed straight back to Perth on his own.


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