Glenelg Beach, Adelaide


February 1992

We then went down to Glenelg Beach, where I had my first swim in the sea, since I had been away. Absolute bliss!

The water was so warm, it felt like a tepid bath.

To our astonishment somebody we hadn’t known, had just walked up to us and had instructed us to take care of his eski which had been full of ice creams.

It is worth noting that humans are not the only creatures who enjoy warm water. Stick to patrolled beaches. I have actually been on a beach on one occasion, when they have cleared the water due to a shark sighting.

shark fin

Bull sharks can even find their way into inland waterways.

Shark attacks are relatively rare. However they do happen.

It is also worth noting that much as beaches(both in Australia and worldwide) might look inviting, it really is better to stick to patrolled beaches as riptides can also be a real issue.

Source: Beachsafe

Further information can be obtained below:

Surf Life Saving Factsheets-South Australia


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