Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

May 1992

I noted that Singapore train station was not particularly busy.

Eventually having gone through the necessary customs and immigration, we were able to board the train. We had six long hours on the train. The air-conditioning was very effective. I was amused to read that Lonely Planet considered Malaysian air conditioning to have only two settings – freezing and suspended animation.

They even had a special television channel for us to watch on the train. The programmes were all British. They didn’t even have Malay subtitles…

One thing I had not expected to watch aboard a Malaysian train was Benny Hill. (very politically incorrect-watch at own risk.)

Source: The Benny Hill Fan Consortium

I see the train is high speed now. I think our way was more fun.

.. The Malaysian countryside really did look like jungle, which was what I had expected. I kept trying to guess which were the rubber trees.

Apparently when we had finally arrived in Kuala Lumpur(This video shows Kuala Lumpur around roughly the time we were there.),we had caught a taxi, after a bit of discussion about the price. I had lifted my rucksack into the boot myself, whereupon the taxi driver had tried to charm me by telling me how strong I was. I suppose that beats the

You can peel my banana.

I had got in Jerusalem.

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Source:M.P. Hicks

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