My Surprising Passion

It seems strange to me that I have recently realised that I have a passion for boy’s education.

I mean I have always considered myself a feminist. (Yes I dare to use the word.) Yet here in front of me in my blog is the evidence that I am passionate about boy’s education. I know every time a boy falls through the cracks, it breaks my heart. I can’t help it. I am (or rather was) a teacher. I think education is the answer to just about everything. I get fired up every time I think about boys and school.

I am passionate about girls and their education too but I do recognise something is going wrong with the way we educate many boys.

I mean you see all these wonderful, exciting young men with all their great ideas and passions and yet all too often that talent seems to be wasted because they dare to think differently.

I don’t have the answers but I do dare to ask the questions.

When are we going to recognise that just because somebody dares to think differently, it doesn’t mean that they are wrong? When are we going to accept that it takes many and varied components to make up the body of Christ?

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