It’s Not All Fun-Australia, February 1992

Reading back through my travel diaries, I was reminded how innocent we were.

I often wonder at how busy my guardian angel has been over the years and I am so grateful to God for his protection. I was generally guided by my instincts and fortunately they had seemed to serve me pretty well. However we had not known it at the time, but we had not picked a particularly good time to be travelling around Australia.  Unbenownst to us Ivan Milat, (one of Australia’s most notorious ever serial killers) was in the middle of  an horrendous killing spree, at the time.

We had met a young German girl in a hostel in Adelaide, who had been keen to hitch-hike from Adelaide to Sidney on her own, as she could not afford the fare, which was some sixty dollars.We had tried desperately to dissuade her. Fortunately we had eventually succeeded. Instead she had undertaken a little job to raise the money. I go cold thinking about it now, pondering the fate that might have awaited any or all of us, had we decided to hitch-hike.

When we returned to England the faces of the two British girls Caroline Clark and Joanne Walters, who had gone missing while touring Australia, had been all over the news.

The Backpacker Murders

When we had all finally discovered the horrendous truth, my blood had run cold.

Moral of this story: Do Not Hitchhike.

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