The Joys of Raising Tadpoles.

I don’t remember how I wound up with a frog in my classroom. Somehow it had just happened.

Our classroom had become the proud home of a giant aquarium, a frog and frog spawn. Little had I known the adventure upon which I was about to embark. Initially I had been excited. I had always wanted to watch tadpoles develop into frogs. It was genuinely quite exciting-watching them gradually hatch, change colour and then seeing their hind legs appear.

From Tadpoles to Frogs

Source:Nature North

However the headmaster had to join in the fun. He had somehow found another frog and had elected to bring it to me. Gee Thanks!

It was from that point on that an wholesome activity-watching the development of frogs, had taken an unexpected and slightly less innocent turn.

Naively I had encouraged the children to sketch the frogs. Well perhaps I should have checked things out first, because what came back was not for the faint-hearted. The frogs were sitting on top of one another. I had suggested that maybe they leave them alone for a while and give them some privacy.

Fearing the reaction to dozens of pictures of copulating(I assume that is what they were doing) frogs up on my classroom wall.

However when I checked in later nothing had changed. Regular reports coming back to me from the children had seemed to indicate this frolicking had continued all day and possibly from memory into the next.

We had eventually become the proud “parents” of dozens of tiny frogs, which had been released into the wild.

Moral of this story: If somebody offers you a frog, decline politely.


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