More on Asperger’s

God has really put the subject of autism and Asperger’s on my heart.

I have taught one particular child with Asperger’s. I was less worried about him,(I thought he was great) than the way others might treat him. He had amazed me one day by writing every station on a particular train line, right in the middle of his work.

When I was going into special education at one point, I learned a litttle about autism. It had really opened my eyes.

I believe it is likely that many  of history’s great geniuses were probably somewhere on the autism spectrum.

This is a programme about Tony Attwood, who is one of the world’s authorities on the subject. Ultimately he eventually realises he has missed his own son’s Asperger’s.

Is Asperger’s The Next Stage of Human Evolution?

Source:ABC News Australia


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