A Passion For Reading

I stand corrected. I have been reminded I removed from my young teen a book which included many references to boobs and sex. It had been obtained surreptitiously whilst they had been visiting a second-hand book store. I am not sure how I would have felt about Game of Thrones, which at the time I had naively believed was probably just a book about royalty.

A Passion For Reading Not to be confused with Reading Town.

I was reminded today, just how passionate I am about books and reading by a post by Alexis Chateau. None of this is based on research. It is all simply based on personal experience. I have a passion for reading. Looking back it was not until I had children of my own that the pieces had begun to fall into place.

Even though I have taught reading, I feel much of my knowledge now comes from having had the time to really talk to children, while hearing them read as a parent. Once the basic mechanics are in place-a sound knowledge of phonics and a good basic vocabulary, I feel our emphasis should switch. Our priority in my view should be simply to teach children to love books/reading and then let them do the rest themselves.

If a child wants to read about the latest electronic games, I say let him/her do it.

Whatever it was, as long as they were reading, I was ok with it.

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