March 1990

We had a lovely time. I particularly remember the Friday we (my American friend and I) had struggled through the crowds at Damascus Gate, just before a riot had broken out,(Somebody had been killed.) in order to reach the Arab bus station, to catch a bus into Jericho, which is in the West Bank. It was pleasantly warm and very pretty in Jericho. I remember some spectacular fruit stalls. I bought these lovely Jaffa oranges.

Source:Glen Campbell

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Somewhere out there, are some fantastic shots of the fruit stalls and also likely one or two of me, as my friend had been a very keen photographer. who had had an awful lot of very professional camera equipment.

We then hired a couple of bikes and headed up to the monastery. I had sat in the sun with the bikes. whilst my friend had finished the climb. I was soon joined by Palestinian children begging for money. I shared my oranges with them.

It is a lovely memory. I spent a few happy hours helping a Palestinian girl English, whilst my companion had frantically denied he was Jewish. I don’t think they were fooled!

Bike and oranges

Jaffa oranges are both huge and delicious.

I have just been surprised to learn (from the video) that the monastery is the Monastery of the Temptation, where Jesus is supposed to have been tempted. I had not known that at the time. I had just wanted to visit Jericho.

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D and I parted ways as he went off to Safed on an archaeological dig.

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My Hebrew is rather limited but being a nanny I learned to say “Sit down, and “Be quiet. ‘

I can count to ten and say a few basic words. The only Arabic I know is “Thank you!”

This to me sounds exactly like the Hebrew word for table.

I would like to say Thank you to my Israeli friend for her great tour of Yad Vashem. “Thank you!” and to the Palestinians I met for making us welcome at their table.

To me the reason did not see what was happening to them was that it had happened so gradually.

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This little frog has been incrementally abused since my marriage and my arrival in Australia. I keep climbing out the bath and rapping people on the knuckles till I finally blew a gasket, Now if anybody messes with me here, they will be the ones in hot water.


You won’t like what’s coming if you continue on your current trajectory! God uses angets and prophets to fire his warning shots! (An ex boyfriend of mine had a thing thing about the cherubim. He had referred to them as fat babies!)

Don’t Mess With Me

It is exactly like any kind of abusive relationship including the relationships between any government and its people such as what has been ì since September 11th 2001.

David Suchet Reads The Book of Joshua

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