Arriving at Kakadu

April 1992

Immediately I had noticed the place was alive. Dragonflies hovered back and forth. Noisy cockatoos flew overhead and we could see magpie geese. These birds had managed to sabotage the Northern Territory’s attempts to grow rice. There were many varieties of gum trees to be seen and plenty of paperbark trees. You could see quite clearly from these trees, how far the water must have risen during the wet season, as the bark had peeled off to that level. I got a good look at a dingo, as it had hesitated ahead of the coach. We walked to the paintings at Nourlangie Rock.

Walking up to the rock, we saw a huge Golden Orb Spider, Its web was practically invisible. 

The paintings were almost touching. We saw the Lightning Man and learned of his story.


Namarrkun is the lightning man. He came out of the sky riding storm clouds. Bright light arced across each of his shoulders. With stone axes fixed to his head, elbows and knees he made thunderous sounds by striking the clouds. When men and women disobeyed the law, Namarrkun would hiss and crackle and even strike the wrongdoer.

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Dugg Ventura

Department of Industries and Regional Development.

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