November 1991

Shinjuku station Ticket

Looking back, I think Shinjuku Station was my nemesis.

Can a station be your nemesis?

Well today has been a much better day. We found the right line quite easily but then there was a bit of fumbling as we tried to buy our tickets, We couldn’t find a machine. We eventually bought a ticket but it turned out to be the wrong kind.

My friend had somehow made it through but had set off some kind of alarm.

I didn’t get through. I had to beg for both of us to be allowed back through and so we could (go and) get the right tickets.

I am beginning to wonder how many hapless travellers never manage to escape Shinjuku Station. Perhaps there is a whole community of beleaguered backpackers, who have just decided to give up and live there.

I just had to research Nemesis. Apparently she dealt with people who showed hubris/arrogance towards the Gods I am curious whether there is a Christian equivalent.

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