SOS! Lost in Shinjuku. Again.

This post is great. It also made me feel a little less alone.

It brought me out in a cold sweat, just seeing the photos.

As she so aptly describes it,

My sense of adventure is strong. My sense of direction is not.


Renmi's World

I get lost a lot. On my way to a cat cafe, I got lost in east Shinjuku.

What should have been a ten minute walk turned into a half an hour of google maps telling me to try and walk through buildings.
Every time I thought I was finally going the right way, my phone would ping-pong and tell me to go in a different direction.
As I often tell my mom, my sense of adventure is strong but my sense of direction is not.

I can get lost walking home to a place I lived for thirty years. In fact I have, several times.
Regardless, I found it eventually. Now, how do I get back to the station? The answer eludes me.

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