Canada Connections

  1. One of the my very many interesting discoveries during my family research was the extent of my Canadian connections. So many of Dad’s family had made new lives there. I choose to believe Canadians would never betray anybody from my family.

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In fact it turned out there were people in Canada, who had all sorts of family history research on us and I had acquired photos from my father of cousins from Canada, I had never known existed. My father had nearly emigrated to Canada at one stage, I believe. It is possible I have ancestry in Canada from way back, although this is as yet unproven. I do know I have a GGG uncle who was killed building the railway in Saskatchewan. I had planned and work in Canada before I met my ex.

I am pretty certain Dad’s family lived in Newfoundland for hundreds of years!

I have always thoroughly enjoyed my visits to Canada. I had intended to join The Commonwealth Teaching Program.

By 1992 I had the required teaching experience.

My friend had told me once that he could go from home to Work in Winter and never step outside. Everything was underground.

I had very fond memories of my visits to Canada, which I will recount later.

I have never met a Canadian I did not like!

Why Canadians Are So Nice.

I could stand in a bar as a woman and drink beer from a bottle with impunity. The only other place I had been able to do that was the kibbutz.

I was really concerned to see them caught up in American disputes like the truckers protest. I do not understand either why my gay friend recently felt the need to leave Canada. I have visited gay bars in Canada.

Jordan Peterson can have a sane debate!

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