Taupo to Wellington-Another Misadventure

New Zealand

November 1991

Sunday was our day for travelling to Wellington. It was a long day. We set out at 11:45 am. The bus headed initially for Taupo. When we had had a half our break in Taupo, we had to change bus to catch the one to Wellington. We sat down in our allocated seats, only to be told one of the coaches four brakes had gone and the coach was going to sit there until it had been repaired, which could be a long while. After about twenty to thirty minutes we were told we would not be leaving for at least another thirty minutes. So my friend and I had headed towards the shops.

Well you’ve guessed it – less than half an hour later we had returned, only to discover that the bus had already left. We rushed into the office and were told it had left ten minutes previously. Panic set in as our rucksacks were still aboard…

They were able to contact the driver on his mobile phone(fortunately) and he said he would wait for us while we chased him in a taxi. Five dollars later we climbed, somewhat embarrassed, on board the bus.

The Taupo to Wellington bus journey by Matthew Rowe

The tune with this, I found it quite amusing. Looks like people use music to express themselves worldwide.My favourite for a while was F. You by Lily Allen.


Moral to this story:

Stay within running distance of your transport at all times.

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