No Such Thing As A Free Lunch/Supper

February 1992

In Cairns we were lured into a bar by a leaflet which had promised a one dollar meal. (We were pretty broke  and hungry at the time.)

My friend and I had headed off to the bar for tea, as it was only $1.00. At first it was all locked up. We bought a one dollar beer and had been given a free plate of spaghetti. This long-haired guy came up and asked whether I wanted some trout.

He had mixed it with tomatoes and onions and it was really tasty.

fish supper

I had then discovered this guy was a member of the band. Yes it’s true.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Anyway he was soon up on stage telling everybody about us. Now having more life experience under my belt, I realise we had been set up.

microphone (1)

To my horror, I was summoned up on the stage to play the tambourine.

Fortunately the tune was Lay Down Sally, which I love. (Move over Eric Clapton.)

Soon it was our turn again. This time we were supposed to participate in a beer race. I gulped as hard as I could but hardly drank anything.

I came a resounding last. We refused point blank to do a wet tee shirt contest…

Source: Front Row Rock

We were summoned back on stage to join in the jamming session at the end. We are real stars now.

Moral: Beware of people promising free fish suppers.