April 1992

From there after lunch we travelled to the Yellow Waters for our cruise.

Source:J.Vagabond https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCrwbx0jsWwWe85fn4uxHIA

This was the highlight of our day. I could not believe the peace and tranquility. The birdlife was stunning. Many varieties of egrets and cormorants, two or more white-tailed sea eagles. Many smaller colourful birds darted back and forth. A vividly blue kingfisher particularly captured my eye. Unfortunately it started to pour with rain.

It was so still, once the boats engines had been turned off, we could hear the dragonflies darting back and forth.

It was not too long before we saw the fearsome crocs. We were able to get quite a good look at one on the river bank. Its skin markings were striking. They frequently just sit absolutely still with their mouths open, cooling down.

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