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April 1992

Denham & Monkey Mia, Western Australia

Arrived late here in Denham. Were then stuck and could not get to Monkey Mia. Fortunately an Australian girl asked whether we would like to join with her and hire a car. She drove us to Monkey Mia where we met the dolphins. Actually we were lucky all six dolphins were about and we arrived in time for feeding. I was actually able to hand feed a wild dolphin. This one was badly scarred from having become stranded and then terribly sunburnt before being nursed back to life. A dolphin came right up to me in the water. It was very touching to see the way they rolled over onto their sides. I got a real lump in my throat. One of the dolphins lost a baby last week. They grieve almost like we do and she was very upset.

The Dark Side of Dolphins | Nat Geo Wild

We then drove on to Eagle Bluff &Shark Bay.

Source:Our Australian Adventure

Looking down from the cliff we could see a shark and a sting ray in the water. I refused to swim at the nearby beach.We spent much of the afternoon on Shell Beach. The beach consists entirely of small shells. It is pretty unique. Nobody knows what caused it. The water is very shallow and so salty you can’t help floating.

A great day, despite the fact that the car we had hired was pretty rough and I had expected it to break down at any minute in the middle of nowhere.

Moral: Go check out the views from nearby cliffs before you go swimming.

Shark Bay

Source: Storyteller Media

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