Bali-The Phantom Soap Eater


April 1992

Didn’t sleep too well last night. The minute we turned the lights off things started to rustle. My travelling companion and I managed to convince each other we weren’t doing it and then switched on the light.

Video about Ubud Town, Bali

Source: Lime Wave,

Our concern had been heightened by the fact that previously my friend had discovered that some creature had taken a huge bite out of her soap.

From the size of the bite and the volume of the noises we had been hearing, we had decided it must be a rat*. We had tried to convince ourselves it was outside, but a particularly loud noise came from under my friend’s bed and caused her to scream and me to turn the torch on in alarm. My friend had been concerned it might be trying to eat her flip flops as well as her soap. In the end we decided to sleep with the light on. This had quietened Roland’s (our name for our unwelcome room-mate) escapades.


Flip Flop gif

*We stayed in pretty basic accomodation. We were after all backpackers out for new experiences, although we hadn’t bargained on this one.

The Siberian Hamster-Fawlty Towers

Source:Fawlty’s Vault


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