The Old City, Jerusalem

February 1990
The weather was awful. It was incredibly cold and wet. We were very nervous entering the old city of Jerusalem.We had been warned how dangerous the Old City could be. Men stood around in dark corners. One had called out, “You want to peel my banana (subtle)
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My employer had warned Mr that if
Jerusalem can get extremely cold in Winter.
We spent many happy hours exploring the market. Bargaining was fun and I soon found myself with a new jumper and two new pairs of trousers. I was roundly mocked back home for my bedouin pants but I loved them.
I had eventually got to know and love they, as Jewish people had walked around The old City, they were likely to be stabbed. I had lived in Jerusalem for several months. I had rely grown to love The Old City. I would often head down there on a Friday afternoon. On at least one occasion I was interrupted trying to buy food by a rabbi, insisting that the stall close. This is no problem in Jerusalem because as fast as one area closes another one opens. One of the benefits of being in a place central to three major world religions. I had developed a real love of felafel in Jerusalem. Felafel are always on sale somewhere.

Jerusalem is amazing. I used to love being able to visit the Western Wall whenever I liked. I love that everything was so old. There were few niceties from the shopkeepers in The old cityI seem to remember a standard greeting was
“Ma rotsa” or “What do you want?” I really miss my Arab trousers I had bought there.

I was in Jerusalem for Purim.
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I was hoping that now I am old and decrepit I would not have the same hassles. I hope not as I don’t think I could walk around wearing headphones all the time these days. I was even kerb-crawled by a bus despite being completely covered up. When I had got back to the UK some poor guy had started chatting to me and I had told him to “F’ Off!” He was a bit shocked but had responded with,
‘Well somebody got out of bed the wrong side this morning,”

Honestly the best bit about getting older is. I no longer get harassed or so I thought until recently… I had to move out of my digs at one point because of guys coming on to me.

To be honest I was ready to karate chop any guy who came near me at the time. Being harassed by guys up a telephone poll interview UK once had caused me to take a detour and be chased by a load of bullocks. Another time. I discovered I could leap hedges in one bound.

A Walk Through The Old City, Jerusa⁶em
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I ❤️ felafel.
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