When Our Own System Attacks

I developed a serious kidney condition, following the birth of one of my children. I had actually been run down for much of the pregnancy and had naturally been expected to function like a machine. I had  also lost my father and two friends towards the end of my pregnancy, which probably had not helped matters. A week or so after the birth my legs had begun to swell up. I was told for weeks that it was varicose veins. By the time one smart doctor (whom I credit with having saved my life) had actually done a simple check, I was in a very bad way and had been told to go to hospital immediately. It transpired that my kidney condition was fortunately very treatable and was an auto-immune condition.

From that point on I had begun to take an interest in auto-immune diseases. Nobody appears to know exactly what causes this particular condition, although I had earnestly believed right from the beginning that there must be a stress component. I am curious how many others, who have developed auto-immune issues, have also been the victims of narcissistic abuse.  For example I notice I have seen lupus mentioned a few times.

As an aside here doesn’t Iupus mean wolf?(from my very rudimentary Latin).

I am at the point now whenever I hear of anybody who has developed certain auto-immune diseases, I wonder whether narcissistic abuse may have been a factor. Please feel free to send me a message via the contact form. I am even beginning to surmise that certain family lines may  fall victim to particular conditions, due at least as  as much to the fact that they tend to attract toxic people, as to their genetics.