The Crocodile Park

It is my intention to periodically release extracts from my various travel diaries, which I feel may be of interest.

The Broome Crocodile Park (now known I believe, as the Malcom Douglas Crocodile Park).

Crocodiles leaping at the Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park.

Please bear in mind, I was there in 1992. I suspect much more has been learned since then and many views may have changed.

The highlight of my day has been my visit to the Broome Crocodile Park. We sat and watched a video which was quite interesting talking about crocodiles and their conservation. They only let them reach about about 6ft long as this is when their pelts are at their best. Crocodiles are only removed from an area when they are felt to be a potential threat to humans. Then they are used for breeding in crocodile farms. Relocating them is no use as they have a strong homing instinct and would return to the area where they had been causing problems. They can stay underwater for an hour and slow their heart rate to 3 beats every 2 minutes. It was quite frightening to see them leap out of the water for meat and to hear their huge jaws clamp together. They can leap right out of the water to catch their prey. Apparently crocs(salties/salt-water crocodiles) can never be tamed even if they have been hand-reared.

Bearing in mind that saltwater crocodiles can inhabit both fresh and saltwater in the tropics, it kind of makes all the waterways seem less inviting.

Crocodile Rock (1973) Elton John

Source: Elton John Superstar

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