Fun at Shinjuku Station

Shinjuku Station-November 1991

I went to find somewhere for us to buy a ticket and left my friend guarding the rucksacks etc(Side note Lonely Planet had actually stated that you could probably leave an expensive camera lying around in the middle of Tokyo at that time and it would not be touched.) Of course I had not realised that the Yokosuka(? i can’t read my own writing.)) Line Platform was perhaps a mile long. I came down the wrong escalator and couldn’t locate my travelling companion.

Panic had then set in (thinking I might spend the rest of my days wandering Shinjuku Station) and I had begun to run around in a flap.

I retraced my steps eventually but even then had found her by only by yelling.

I had apparently been missing for half an hour. Remember we had had no Google Maps in those days.

Still I believe I am not alone in having got lost at Shinjuku Station.

I think this guy describes it perfectly.

In the last two minutes, he shows he too, had needed time to recover from the experience.

( I recommend carrying a distress flaredistress flare-only joking, I hope.)





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