The Borg- Beware The Enforcer

The concept of the hive mind has intrigued me since I had first seen the Borg on Star Trek. The one enemy against whom Captain Picard and his crew had been virtually defenceless. Their ability to learn continually and to just keep coming had shown that even the normally unflappable Picard was not invincible. Their relentlessness had made, all previous enemies appear like a fun ride at an amusement park. I have long been an admirer of bees and ants and their unrivalled ability to work together to bring down prey many times their size.

My personal view of dealing with people on the toxic spectrum, is that it is effectively like dealing with the Borg. You may not be dealing with an individual, you may be dealing with a team, each with their own specific role. I had first become intrigued by what I called the Enforcer. I do not think this is a particularly good term but it had seemed to fit at the time. The Enforcer, is a seemingly innocuous individual, initially more acceptable than the more obviously damaging creatures. ( Narcissistic families function like cults and cults fight to keep hold of their members)These beings are usually the last ones with whom we victims  tend to cut contact. They may even appear to be totally supportive, however their goal is to maintain the link between toxic beings and their victim. I was aware there was a constant flow of information back from the Enforcer to the rest of their team/cult but my pride had led me to believe I could handle it. However I now believe that my tolerance of The Enforcer was perhaps one of my biggest mistakes (God and prayer are the one thing they cannot defeat.). The Enforcer can often appear to be a victim themselves, but their job is to keep the door ajar.


I believe The Enforcer is more sophisticated than your average flying monkey. These guys are professionals. It is their full-time job to round up the herd.

This enforcer is no Dirty Harry, although their tactics definitely involve dirty tricks.


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