“Laugh and the World Laughs with You.”

Challenging youngsters used to be my thing. I had actually tended to really like them. Generally I had loved the fact that they had a bit of fire in their belly. Sometimes  nonetheless I had felt like walking into class and announcing,

Good Morning Class. Today Fred is going to complain loudly that George has been drawing rude pictures (yes that’s right George I did notice. You are quite talented by the way, but maybe you should have  paid more attention in Biology.) Debbie is going to have a big fight with Celia and Jane about where she is going to sit. James is going to stick gum under the desk. Annika is going to spend half the lesson, sharpening her pencil and Bob if you want to copy all the right answers, I suggest you sit next to Alan.

However I had realised it would have kept the headmaster busy with parents all day, had I indulged this particular fantasy (not to mention the fact that I would have had to spend the following day seeking new employment far away and adopt an alias.) The great thing  about organising Christmas ourselves, is that at that at the first sign of trouble, we can all now put such ponderings into operation.

Hey Sid, I would prefer you leave the Christmas cake alone.  I am sure Santa never interacted with his reindeer like that. Aunt Sarah I have  a secret stash of sherry and chocolate, and a spot where you can hide from your five lively children  already prepared. I have constructed a maze for them in the back yard. The exit is blocked.  Cyril I know Christmas would not be complete for you, without you finding an opportunity to make everybody else miserable but your repertoire has got a bit boring, so may I present you with a few suggestions you haven’t tried, (have the list prepared ready decorated with embossed angels. etc etc.)


On second thoughts Aunt Sarah, I might join you.

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