Talk To The Hand

My teenagers have educated me in many ways.

My friend once told me when she talked to her youngsters, she had often felt like a character on Charlie Brown.(Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah!, as you watch their eyes glaze over). They have however taught me some very colourful expressions.(As I do not wish to rate this post EXPLICIT!! I will not use all of them here.)

One of the more fun phrases was

Talk to the hand.

One memorable moment in my child-rearing career came when the opportunity to respond to  one of their  many complaints with

Talk to the hand.

Source: Light Wolf

had presented itself like a precious gemstone. Their chins had fallen to their knees (97) as I had looked them straight in the eyes. Maybe the younger generation are onto something here.

As we deal with the toxic people in our lives, (Let’s face it most teenagers are actually more mature than them.) who view the Christmas period as an opportunity to wreak their special brand of seasonal havoc, we can adopt the pose of  disinterested teenager and say

Talk to the hand.


Sorry if you think I’m a dreadful mother-My offspring are actually great people most of the time! They reckon this is despite me..

My daughter now tells me they only use the phrase ironically.