Christmas Survival Guide-Be Prepared!

Take your own power back this Christmas. Do not sit back waiting for the toxic people in your life to ruin it.

Be Prepared!

Have an action plan. The best advice I was given was that they must have consequences.

If there is trouble going over to Great Aunt Gladys’. I would refuse point blank to ever go over there again. ( If it is somebody you want to see,  go over there when there are no toxic people around.)  If they complain about the meal you cook Christmas Day, next year they will be cooking for themselves. I noticed there was never trouble on their special days and I made it clear if they wanted an effort made on their birthday etc, they had to make an effort on ours. Anticipating that they take a gleeful delight in attempting to ruin things like Christmas and birthdays can take away a lot of the sting.

I used to hate having my hair washed as a child. I remember my mother announcing to some workman who  had  happened to be there at the time, that I would scream the place down but it was ok, she was just washing my hair. Even as a child that had snapped me out of my nonsense. I had actually semi ended up laughing at myself. If you go into Christmas with a mental list of all the stunts regularly pulled by the various toxic people in your life,  it can almost become entertaining. I often wonder if many situation comedies are written by people trying to take the sting out of the antics of the toxic people in their life. Laughter is the best medicine.

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