Speaking Up

I am a middle-aged woman. I really had thought my days of being harrassed were over. I was apprehensive about a guy sitting on a bench but being tired I had decided to sit down anyway. He had immediately started making overtures towards me, which I had rebuffed. I was unprepared for what I believe was the full-on narcissistic rage, which had followed.

In all my travels it was one of the most scary moments I have ever had. What shocked me most was how people were prepared to walk by and ignore what was happening. The harrassment and threats  had continued for some time. I had been reluctant to involve police. All I had wanted to do was to return home. The person who had come to my rescue, was actually a woman. She had managed to calm him a little and had stood there ready to call the police, protecting me.

Yes I understand the guy obviously had issues but I was shocked that I could be so alone in such a public place. I understand people’s reluctance to become involved. however I am pretty sure that had I witnessed such an incident, I would have at least gone and fetched  or called for some help.

I will be eternally grateful to the woman who did step up and help me.


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