A Time To Be Silent and A Time To Speak

…a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak.

Ecclesiastes 3:7

Where are the great speeches we all need right now? Where are the courageous men and women needed to shine a light, though what I believe is  a deeply troubled time. I can only appeal in my tiny blog for people  to wake up and see what is happening. I travelled through Europe not long after the Berlin Wall had been brought down.

Mr Gorbachev Tear Down This Wall


It was a time of hope – A hope which is now gradually being extinguished.

I used to listen to the stories of courage of the people who had desperately sought to escape East Berlin. When the wall had first been erected, people had been prepared to die, desperately throwing themselves over it. I have seen the remnants of that wall, rich with graffiti.

People Fleeing Over The Berlin Wall


Bobby Kennedy says it so much better than I do.

Here he comforts African Americans in Indianopolis, as he informs them that Martin Luther King has been killed.


Robert F. Kennedy