Men Behaving Decently

I have travelled the world and I have been harrasssed just about everywhere and no. not because I made a habit of wearing skimpy tops and mini skirts. I actually found my best defence was usually to walk around listening to music. I had just accepted, I was a woman and that  this was just a fact of life.

My friend was assaulted in a  travel hostel. I awoke in the morning to find her crying. We had reported the incident. Then something really touching occured. Men in the hostel  had approached us and had been very supportive and kind. Several had even given us little gifts trying to make amends for what had happened, even though it had been nothing whatsoever to do with them. These men had been from all over the world and they had reached out to us with kindness and support. I want to thank those men and others just like them who  do know how to respect women.

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