A Glimpse Backstage

My own view is we are here for one main purpose and that is to learn. God is not what we used to refer to as a ‘chalk and talk’ teacher. Some people seem to be able to pick up their bibles to uncover the lessons. However I am sure there are plenty out there like me, who need to experience a considerable amount of discomfort, in order to develop a degree of understanding.  I loved the story of the teenage girls discovering how the janitor cleaned the mirror. They had needed a little behind the scenes glimpse, before they had realised that they needed to alter their behaviour.

Dealing with a toxic person, is just such an opportunity. A chance to have a backstage pass and  to peek behind the curtains. God shows us just what he has been protecting us from all along.Typically once we wake up to one of these people, we realise we have been surrounded by them continuously and just how busy he has been on our behalf.

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