God Bless Firefighters.

Perhaps my least favourite job ever, was doing market research. Stopping busy people to get a moment of their time, is generally a thankless task. I once did it myself for a week. For a few years following the experience. I would stop to answer every survey, taste every delicacy and watch  a diverse range of demonstrations. In the ensuing years however I am afraid, I have tended to speed up as I  have viewed such people ahead.

When a young man had called out to me the other day, sporting a smile on his face with what I had mistaken for a leaflet in his hand, I had  once again accelerated muttering. “No thank you.”as I  had scurried past. Fortunately I had passed him again  some time later. This time I was going in the opposite direction. and had heard him mutter the word “Firefighter.”

Abruptly I had halted and  turned towards him. Needless to say  I am now the proud owner of a calendar full of pictures of hunky firefighters. I am actually looking forward to January 1st 2018 and  prominently displaying my calendar.

Thank you all! Firefighters we all owe you so much. On holiday in the bush (rural area) one year,  the air was filled with acrid smoke and we had known we were encircled by numerous bushfires.  However we had also known we were not under any imminent threat and that somewhere out there, brave men like this one, were  risking their lives to protect everybody.

Thank you firefighters and as we head towards another bushfire season, I offer each and every one of you my gratitude and prayers. Next year you will be staring down at me from my pantry door, reminding me every day to give thanks for your  courage and service.

The Australian Firefighters calendar is available here


Thoughts and prayers also go out to all firefighters everywhere around the world.  Thinking of you California.

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