What Makes a Life?

I love newspaper archives. I have waded enthusiastically in when one of my youngsters had had a project on the Industrial Revolution. When I had studied this turmultuous period at school, I had found it dull, dry and uninteresting. Wading into The British Newspaper Archives had taught me just how wrong I was. Perhaps having children descended from the starving weavers who had marched in an attempt to save their own lives and livelihoods, had helped to bring it to life. I now view the word” weaver”(Links to actual footage of workers leaving the mills in 1901).with excitement.
I never expected to find this amazing footage of millworkers leaving a factory-On a personal note I had a relative who had worked briefly in the Lancashire Woollen mills in the 1920s. She had often told me how she had been the only other woman wearing a hat, coat and shoes(being from the south of England) instead of a shawl and clogs (as see in this film). This had led to her being gently teased.

I had needed reminding of Lowry, who painted scenes of factory workers:
My Nana had slapped an overseer for patting her bottom. My Nana had always been very proper and patting her on the behind had really embarrassed her. She said he had always treated her with respect after that. If you see a woman in a hat and coat with red hair in a Lowry painting, it could be my grandmother. There weren’t too many women wearing hats and coats up North in those days. She would only have been a toddler when the above footage was shot and still living in London.
A Thank You To My Northerner Friend
I was shocked to discover my Great Grandmother was from Lincolnshire. Furthermore this had led me to discover family in Yorkshire. This turned my world upside-down. 😆 What’s more that branch of the family were not a bunch of flat-cap wearing yokels. Bye 👋 to all the readers I have just offended from the North of England. Perhaps it is only fair to get views on this from a neutral party.

Gee I think I’m prejudiced. Pride & Prejudice (Learning English through Story – With Subtitles)

Where Is The North/ South Divide? By Map Men
I still subscribe to the view that anywhere North of Watford is The North.
1970s England ‘s North-South Divide BBC Archive
Canadian reacts North/South Divide In The UK I would say Northerners are definitely more friendly from personal experience on the couple of visits I have made there. My Australian offspring (Wow America’s discovered punk finally.) noticed it when we visited Lincolnshire, which is North as far as I’m concerned. Of course there is the occasional annoying (but lovable) Northerner. My grandmother used to have very fond memories of the time she had spent in the North of England.
Northern & Southern English People Swap Snacks -Buzzfeed I never realised pork pies and Eccles cakes were Northern snacks. I love ❤ both of those. The thing that worries me most about Northern food is black pudding and chips and gravy. Actually I remember now I have had black pudding in Lincolnshire. It was OK.
A Good Reason Not To Jump on Bandwagons
If my ex had taken time out from talking about himself, I would have loved to talk about my life and my experiences. He had shown no interest whatsoever. You know what, those of you who have further perpetuated his lies and enabled his behaviour are ACTUAL CRIMINALS!!
Aiding & Abetting A Crime by Sina Rez Law https://youtube.com/c/SinaRezLaw
Back To The Newspaper Archives
I get really caught up in newspaper archives, as if I am reading some great novel. I often skip straight to the end to find out the conclusion, before I can bear to read the painful bits in the middle.
It comforts me when I learn that an individual lived to a reasonable age and did not end up dying destitute in a workhouse.
I was shocked to discover at least one family member who had died in the dreaded workhouse in the relatively recent past of the twentieth century.
I love it when a story with an unpromising beginning, seems to end in a quiet, relatively comfortable old age-or as in the case of one individual I studied, they turn from a life of crime, to the more sedate pastime of prospecting. I guess I still seek the “Happily Ever After.”

I enjoy reading the glowing tributes to individuals who have struggled their whole life but who seem to have inspired love in friends and family. I remember a particularly touching episode of Everybody Loves Raymond where Ray decided to write his father’s obituary, while he was still alive. A sentimental story of Frank’s softer side emerges, when it is revealed how he had quietly showed affection to the children’s pet rabbit.

I have come across a few such deeply personal, touching obituaries and to me they are worth more than gold…
Alan Sachs
Death is more universal than life. Everyone dies but not everyone lives.
There is no greater legacy than learning that somebody has inspired genuine love and affection in those they have left behind.
I’m Alive -ELO
This reminds me of Andymation’s Dot Challenge. This is exactly what I have tried to do with my life.
Documentary about the historical films of Mitchell & Kenyon, who produced the film showing the mill workers.
Documentary about voices in Edwardian England.
See also:https://familytreeourstory.com/2019/11/17/my-quirky-ancestor-who-joined-up-accidentally-2/
I notice several of the links aren’t working. Please just try googling the titles yourself for now. Sorry about that.

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