The Challenges of Family History

My stated goal of my blog was to bring family history to life and show its relevance to our daily lives. I believe the wounds of the past do not simply disappear, they  perhaps continue for generation after generation. Edward Ball attempted to bring healing for those who had suffered as a result of his family’s five generations of slave ownership.

Descendent of slave owners apologises to descendents of former slaves on Oprah.

Every family has a closet full of skeletons, which it takes courage to face and unearth. Yet doing so may bring peace and closure to so many.  When I have been faced with some of the more challenging aspects of my research, I have attempted to steal myself and dive right in.  We all want to know about our family’s former glories and aristocratic connections. Facing  possible wrongdoing and tragedy is much harder, however ultimately perhaps more rewarding.

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