William Wilberforce and The Abolition of The Slave Trade

John Henry Kruger admitted to being decidedly against the abolition of the slave trade but

had no objection in going onto a committee on it, He had heard much about benevolence and humanity but where were they to look for a just compensation for their losses?Were individuals to be sacrificed at the shrine of public humanity? Was the public prepared to lose sixty or seventy million as a price of that humanity?

Henry Cruger(1739-1827 )

Quote taken from Hereford Journal May 27th, 1789

I decided to conduct some original research using newspaper archives into the abolition of slavery and came across this quote, which I thought I would share.

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Transcript of recording of  former slave Fountain Hughes.



We may look disaapprovingly at this statement but just how different are some of our attitudes today?


Ted Talk on Modern Day Slavery

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